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Do Society a Favor and Kill Yourself – Says Judge

A 21 year old defendant, for failing to take part in a court ordered work release program, was told to do society a favor and kill himself by a judge in Akron, Ohio. The judge is an experienced municipal judge from Barberton and does not regret his retort and claims his comments were to "get the … [Read More...]

Cops Selling Guns To Crooks

The FBI provided a press release detailing the arrest of a police officer for knowingly selling firearms to individuals with felony convictions .... Police Officer Arrested for Selling Firearms to Felons Special Agent Vicki D. Anderson The FBI announces the arrest of Kevin Ryan Lumpkin, age … [Read More...]

Social Media Sexual Predator Sentenced

The FBI announced today (07/30) that a 23 year old male, Jordan James Kirby from California was sentenced to 29 years, in federal prison, for attempting to produce child pornography and enticing a minor. The release provided the accused's modus operandi as: ... used Facebook to solicit … [Read More...]

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